Daily Archives: 22nd March 2019

Homework 22.03.19

Grammar- commas, colons and semi colons SATs booklet https://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/colons.asp https://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/semicolons.asp https://www.grammarbook.com/punctuation/commas.asp Spellings: signature, assign...


This Week (18.3.19)

This week in Nursery we have been retelling the story ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy. The children have thought of their own actions to help them recall the story. They have enjoyed exploring the role play area, where they have been...


3T Super Spellers

These children all got 10 out of 10 in their test: Tayba, Yousuf, Zainab, Ibrahim L, Noor, Maisha, Sara, Umamah, Noorulain, Khadijah, Mhd Hussnain, Ahmed, Dua-E-Fatima, Isra, Iqra, Hamdia, Minahil, Saaiq, Shazia, Mehnaz and Ibrahim A. Well done...


6T Homework 22/3/19

6T Homework 22/3/19   English: mini gaps test Writing Task-Based on Cogheart Extract Choice of three: Rewrite the chase scene from the Cogheart prologue, from the perspective of the attackers. Make sure you magpie or allude to some of...

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