Daily Archives: 29th March 2019

10 Year Anniversary

This week St.Agnes celebrated a 10 Year Anniversary of the new school building. To support the celebrations we placed a picture of our class and information about our school day in the time capsule, which was then buried. We also decorated...


A Birds Eye View

  In Geography we have been focusing on maps and in a previous lesson we created an aerial map of the classroom. This week we created an aerial map of the school. The children worked in teams to create their maps. They had to consider...


This week in Maths…

This week in Maths we have been learning all about measure. We have been focusing on and comparing length, weight and capacity. The children have been exploring these areas using concrete equipment such as scales, objects and filling different...


Homework 29.03.19

Miss Brown’s Maths group: SATs Targeted Book- pages 76, 77, 92 and 93 Collins Reasoning- page 51. Mr Lammas’ Maths group: Ratio booklet that you have been given. Mrs Crowhurst’s group: pages 98, 99, 46 and 47 Collins Reading...

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