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Where are they?

This week in Science we have been looking at how animals can camouflage themselves. We conducted an experiment where butterflies were hidden around the playground and the children had to find them. The experiment we conducted was to show that the...


This week in Maths…

This week in Maths we have been measuring length and height using non standard units of measure. We used cubes to do this. We then explored using a ruler and measuring in centimeters. The children measured a variety of objects and then ordered...



Maths To complete the word problems that you have been given. Miss Brown’s Maths group are to complete pages 70 and 71 in the SATs Targeted book for scale factors. English Complete the grammar worksheet that you have been given where you...


Transum Website link

This is a great website with lots of activities to help you with your revision of areas of maths such as shape, angles, measurements, Roman Numerals, reflection/translation/rotation etc. There are different levels within each activity so you can...

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