Daily Archives: 7th October 2019

Year 1C are scientists!

We have been learning about ‘Everyday Materials’ in Year 1. We have been investigating different objects and the materials they are made from. We have discovered that materials have lots of different properties and can be used to make...


Year 1C are artists!

We have been looking at the work of L.S. Lowry and learning about his way of painting. We have looked at photographs of the local area around our school and used the images to create a landscape of Longsight in the style of Lowry.


Year 1C have had an intruder!!!!

  Earlier this half term, the children came into their classroom to discover there had been an intruder overnight! There were three bowls of porridge on a table, one of which had been spilled and was almost all gone.  A chair had been pushed...


Homework 07.10.19

As I wasn’t in class on Friday, I didn’t have the chance to set your homework so I will go through it in class today. Spelling homework: co-operate, co-ordinate, co-own, co-author, re-enter, re-educate, re-examine, re-evaluate...

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