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Miss Weir’s group Friday’s maths activity. Good morning everyone.  Today’s activity is using your knowledge of even numbers and how to double and half them. Using the numbers 1 to 100, can you write down all the even...


Miss Weir’s group

Hello everyone, I hope you are all okay.                   Thursday’s maths work activity is using your knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication to create your own calculations. I have...


Become an Illustrator!

Why not have a go at becoming an illustrator. Follow these simple steps with some famous illustrators. Maybe you could then follow the video to draw the Gruffalo in the style of Axel Scheffler. Draw with author and illustrator – Oliver...


Hello everyone!

Dear pupils and families of St Agnes, I’ve attempted to do a video of me sharing some things – the message simply is that we are MISSING YOU ALL terribly! It is indeed a strange time, unprecedented is the word most commonly used at...


Comma Castle

If you’re in the mood to brush up on your grammar knowledge whilst playing a cheesy game, then this is the task for you! Who’d have thought the humble comma could be the difference between life...


Decimals- What is the point?

Hello everybody, here is our next maths topic. Decimals. Have you heard of decimals before? Do you know what they are? How do they fit into the place value system? Let’s revise! What is a decimal? In simple terms, a decimal is a way of...

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