Daily Archives: 22nd March 2020

Blitz Reading Comprehension.

Read this diary extract about the Blitz, then answer the questions. 1)Why were people sleeping in the Underground stations? 2) Why did home life seem like “another world away”? 3) Why would the Germans bomb industrial targets? 4) What impact did...


Home Learning Monday 23rd March

Hello everyone! We hope you’ve had a good weekend and have been enjoying the lovely weather. Do you know what season we are in? There are signs all around, I wonder how many you have noticed? Here are your tasks for today, complete your...


Topic- Howard Carter Diary

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and busy working through your home learning packs! Below you will find some extra guidance on the Howard Carter diary writing tasks as part of our Egyptians topic. Interestingly, during my research...

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