Daily Archives: 24th March 2020

Update on the caterpillars

As it’s a beautiful day I have been out in the garden and as it’s been about a week since the caterpillars changed into chrysalids I thought I would move the to the butterfly garden. The butterfly garden is a safe space for the butterflies to...


Go Noodle

Hi everybody, hope you are all keeping fit and healthy. In school a lot of classes use a website called Go Noodle. It is great for learning new ideas through music and crazy dance routines! Click on the link below to access it, click on...


Games to play

Phonics A website we use in school to play phonics games is offering a free login whilst children are learning at home.  If you look at phase 1 and 2 you will find some fun games to play. The free login is march20 password home...


Egyptian Gods

The Ancient Egyptians (from around 3000BC to 30BC) worshipped many different Gods and Goddesses, known as deities. The deities were frequent subjects of Ancient Egyptian myths, rituals and artwork. Most of the Gods and Goddesses were related to...

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