Daily Archives: 30th March 2020

Toy Challenge!

Toys, toys, toys! Some are old, some are new… Some are loud, some are quiet… Some are big, some are small… Have a look around your house and see what toys you can find! Click on the link below for a toy based activity that you...


Anne Frank

Hello everyone. There is a great website that has some activities on the famous diary writer, Anne Frank. Take a look. It looks like there will be new activities a couple of times a week. Once I get the information, I will post a link. Home-based...


Miss Weir’s group

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well! Maths Let’s practise greater than, less than and equal to. Replace the ? with the correct symbol < > = 28 ? 50 99 ? 13 twenty four ? 24 (29 + 5) ? 31 63 ? ( 85 – 7)   English Take a...


Yoga Position of the day

Good morning year one i hope you have all had a lovely weekend with your families. Me and Mr Heap have been busy decorating and going for lots of walks, I have been thinking of you all 🙂 I have been doing some yoga over the weekend and this is a...

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