Daily Archives: 4th May 2020

Fantastic Work Alert!

Check out all the fantastic work Reception children have been doing at home. Thank you to all the adults for their continued support! A special thank you to Qirat and Ummamah for sharing your brilliant work with us! Well done … Read more



Having had some questions from a couple of you over the weekend, regarding your problems I have found some brilliant teaching resources from the White Rose scheme that we follow and use within school. I think we will use these … Read more


Your Latest Work

Happy Monday everyone!  You’ve certainly been busy over the past few days – have a look below and see what you’ve all been up to! Well done to everyone who has been working hard on the fractions activities in Maths.  &hellip...


Storytime- Rabbit Ears

Today’s story is ‘Rabbit Ears’ by Amber Stewart and illustrated by Laura Rankin Questions to consider: Can you name 3 things that Hopscotch did not like? What did Hopscotch do to not have his ears washed? Why is it important...


Start Singing

Hello Year 4. Do you want to be a better singer? Do you want to perform to the people in your house? Maybe, you want to sing to a crowd! Well, here’s your chance to improve your singing. On BBC … Read more


Fine motor activity

Fine motor skills involve the use of the small muscles that control the hand, fingers, and thumb. They help children perform important tasks like feeding themselves, grasping toys, buttoning and zipping clothes, writing, drawing, and...


Would you rather????

I am really enjoying reading your responses to the ‘would you rather’ questions so please keep them coming. Today’s ‘would you rather’ is … Would you rather become five years older or two years younger? Please...

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