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75th VE Day staff special!

Remembering the fallen, the brave, the courageous – all the  lives that were lost so that many more could be saved. Britain would be a very different place were it not for them. We celebrate 75 years 0f Victory in Europe Day. Thank you!


Who Am I? Answer 07/05/2020

I hope you had fun guessing! Let’s find out if you were right… Clues: The character is a girl from France who loves to read… She gets locked in a castle with a ‘beast’… The castle has a curse and all of the...


Tomorrow is a special day

Tomorrow is the beginning of our holiday weekend but Friday 8th May also marks a very special event in History. Does anybody know what it could be? As we said at the beginning of the week, Friday’s activities are going to be extra special...


VE Day Celebrations

On 8th May, we celebrate VE Day. What is VE Day? It marks the day in 1945 when fighting in Europe between the Allies and Nazi Germany came to an end. On this day, seventy five years ago, Nazi Germany formally surrendered to Britain and its...


Look at this wonderful work!

Aaryan has been working really hard at home with his Mum, practising his number bonds to ten and his addition skills. This is fantastic Aaryan! Knowing our number bonds to 10 is very important as it will help you in Maths in every year. Keep up...


Year 2 have been SO busy!

You’ll be astonished at the amount of work we’ve been sent this week.  It’s super to see so many of you working so hard!  We can’t put all of the photos you’ve sent in on the website but here are a selection to show...


Fine Motor Activity

Here’s a fine motor activity you could do at home. You’ll need a cupcake tray or other container with holes in and something to sort into it, such as sweets, dry pasta, buttons, sequins. Use your index finger and thumb to pick up each sweet...

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