Daily Archives: 13th May 2020

Who Am I? Answer 13/05/2020

Today was a tough one! Let’s find out once and for all…   Clues: The story is about a family who grow lots of vegetables… One vegetable they grow turns out to be ENORMOUS… The family work together to pull the...


Super Skills Alert!

A big well done to Musa who has been developing his fine motor skills. Here, Musa is practising his letter formation at home! Your teachers are really proud of your hard work- keep it up! Would you like to practise forming letters and numbers...


Fantastic Work Alert !

Check out the fantastic work that the Reception children have been doing at home. A huge well done to Qirat! It’s good to hear that Qirat has been practising adding and subtracting and is getting very good at it – well done ! And...


Would you rather???

Today’s would you rather question… Would you rather be able to remember everything in every book you read or remember every conversation you have? Comment your answers below and tell me why you have made that choice


Maths- Problem Solving

Good morning all ๐Ÿ™‚ We are now moving on to problem solving. As some of you know, I am a great supporter of the bar model. I think it is a great visual way of looking at and understanding problems. Below is a video which explores how to use the...

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