Daily Archives: 18th May 2020

Great Science Share Week 3

Hello everybody, how’s the Great Science Groove along going? I hope you are better than me! I can definitely say I will not be getting an invite to Britain’s Got Talent! Anyway, take a glance at some of the activities … Read more


Amazing Work Alert!

A big well done to Zeeya and Musa who have been doing some fantastic learning at home! Your teachers are really proud and we would like to celebrate your hard work by sharing some pictures.   Zeeya and her sister … Read more


Fine Motor Activity

For today’s fine motor activity have a go at making play dough: Play dough is a fantastic, fun way to engage children. Benefits of play dough Enhances fine motor skill. Improves pre-writing skills. Creativity and imagination. Calming...


Would you rather???

I’ve got to say Year 6, I am genuinely shocked by the amount of you who don’t like the taste of vegetables and water!! I hope you are all looking after yourselves and eating healthily. I’ve got a lovely gruesome … Read more

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