Daily Archives: 21st May 2020

Who Am I? Answer 21/05/2020

Let’s reveal the answer of today’s ‘Who Am I?’ clues   Clues: The character is locked away high up in a tower… She grows her hair really, really long and dangles it from the top of the tower… People can...


Countdown Challenge 3 Solution

Hello everyone. Here is a solution to the challenge I posted this morning. You may have found an alternative solution. How did you do? The solution includes brackets. Remember that the calculation in the brackets should be carried out first. 5 +...


We have some more great work

  Thank you to Madiha who has completed a FANTASTIC Tudor project! She has included lots of facts and information – some of which I didn’t know! Thank you for taking the time to send us a photo of it!   Remember – if...


Countdown- the numbers game

I thought we could have a go at the numbers game today rather than the word game. Here is the problem… I however, think this one is a bit too easy so task two is to use the same numbers but to try and make the number 362

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