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Nursery Daily Learning 2/07/20

Good Morning Lets get our morning workout started. Maths: Watch the number blocks episode, talk to your child about number eight, can you find eight objects? Phonics: Go...


Daily Learning Nursery 1/07/20

Good Morning and welcome to a new month, today is the first day of July. So today is Wednesday the 1st of July, can you say that? Lets sing the months song If you have been enjoying working out with Joe here is the next workout. Maths: Watch the...


Daily Nursery Learning 30/06/20

Good Morning Lets try another workout with Joe. Maths: Watch the number blocks episode, talk to your child about the dice and which number block each one matches. Today we are looking at different ways to make six, can you spot them all?...


Nursery Daily Learning 29/06/20

Good Morning everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend. Lets join Joe Wicks for a 5 minute work out to start our day. What is your weather like? It’s been really mixed over the weekend. Can you find a picture of today’s weather? Maths...


Nursery Daily Learning 19/06/20

Good morning Today is Friday the 19th of June. Lets get moving, can you be a pirate? Maths: Complete the 100 square, there are two in your pack one has some numbers missing to fill in or if you’re feeling like a challenge there is a blank square...


Nursery Daily Learning 18/06/20

Happy Thursday! Today is Thursday the 18th of June. Maths: Watch the youtube video on counting to 30. (on school website) Complete the worksheet ordering numbers 1-30. Phonics: Begin ‘A workbook’ in your pack. Literacy: Continue the ‘We’re going...


Nursery Daily Learning 17/06/20

Good Morning Today is Wednesday the 17th of June. Lets feel the power of dancing. Maths: T-N-2933-Ordering-Numbers-0-10-and-0-20-PowerPoint Complete the power point ordering numbers to 20. Complete the missing number to 20 worksheet. Phonics...


Nursery Daily Learning 16/06/20

Good Morning Today is Tuesday the 16th of June. Lets dance with the fish this morning. Maths: Sing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive. Complete the missing numbers from the number sequence caterpillars. Phonics: Ready to do some ‘Aa’...


Nursery Daily Learning 15/06/20

Good Morning We hope you have had a great weekend. Today is Monday the 15th of June. Maths: t-n-7068–counting-on-and-back-in-1s-up-to-20-powerpoint- Watch the powerpoint counting on and back in 1s to 20. Complete the 0 to 10 number line...


Nursery Daily Learning 5/06/20

Good Morning Today’s wake up shake up is a yoga session to take you on a bear hunt. Maths Have a go at completing the patterns on the Shape Pattern game (TopMarks) We have...

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