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Non-chronological report

First things first, this week some children have been doing Bike-ability training (learning how ride their own bikes safely on the roads.) Second of all, Y5T have been doing science investigations about keeping water warm (or insulated.)


The Storm Unicorn

This week has been very cold because of the very, very, VERY strong wind and rain, which means we have had a lot of wet play sessions (wet play is when we have playtime indoors.)Speaking of weather, in year 5, we have been doing “talk for...


World Book Day

Today, Thursday the 7th of March, we have dressed up as a book character to celebrate World Book Day. Just look at these children in their amazing costumes… ENGLISH Today in English we have written stories because it is world...


Let’s celebrate reading!

This week, we have been preparing for the book fair. The book fair will be open on Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of March and on the morning of Thursday 7th there is a Coffee Morning. Here is a poster which shows that it is a...


The day of the snow

I’m sure you know what happened yesterday on Wednesday? Well it was snowing! We were lucky as we got a day of due to the snow. Did you build a snowman or have a snowball fight? Did you also invent other games? If you did then let us know in...


The Lunar Eclipse!

This week we have been mathematicians. We have been playing a Fun game of Maths. It looked like this… b This game is a game in which you multiply by 10s,100s and 1000s, we multiplied numbers like 7.77 or 7.7 or 7.07 or 77! THE LUNAR ECLIPSE...


Wisdom week.

This week in maths, we have been multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. We’ve even been multiplying and dividing decimals like 4.7 x 10 = 47 and so on. These may help you: In English, we have been doing some more “talk for...


Welcome to 2019

Hello everyone and a happy New Year! We have had a really good two week holiday and we hope you have too. Do you want to know what our new topic is? It is about stargazers! Here is an image of the planets. The big orangey semi-circle in this...


Christmassy week

This week we have been getting ready for Christmas! It has been lots of fun as we haven’t been doing a lot of our usual work. We have made some Christmassy decorations instead . These are what they look like… Year 5/6 had a Christmas...


Christmas jumper day

Today it is Christmas Jumper Day! As we do love to support Mission Christmas, we are asking families to donate either a new toy , unwanted gifts or food items for us to make hampers by Friday 14th December (today.) Please note that any food items...

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