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Aspirations Day 2019!

Today we came to school dressed in a costume that represents what we aspire to be in our working life. In assembly we listened to a great speaker! A former pupil of our school came to tell us how he’s achieving his dream of becoming a...


SATs Week!

This week Year 6 have been doing their SATs and have been studying really hard to achieve well on the papers. Every morning during the SATs week we did a wake- up, shake- up and were also given a drink and a biscuit to energise us. To celebrate...


Challenging Maths in 5C

This week we have worked very hard in maths because we have been adding fractions and finding the common denominator. We have looked at questions such as: 1 and 2/5     +     1  and 3/4 = ? To answer this question we tried finding the common...


Transum Website link

This is a great website with lots of activities to help you with your revision of areas of maths such as shape, angles, measurements, Roman Numerals, reflection/translation/rotation etc. There are different levels within each activity so you can...


Back to school!

On Tuesday we came back from our 2 week Easter holidays. Just a reminder that next Thursday it is Polling day.On Monday  6th of May 2019 it is a Bank holiday. School will be closed on both of these days. In our assembly on Tuesday the 23rd April...


Easter holidays 2019!

This term, the treat for the 100% attenders was a Rooftop Carnival! There was games, food and prizes. There was also a raffle at the carnival. There were little coins that you could use to by food or some prizes, and you could earn more coins by...

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