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Week 5 Spelling Answers

Good morning Year 4, Did you match the clues to the spellings correctly? Check below: Something that is in high demand.               Popular Not that one, this one.                                      Particular A synonym for unusual...


Week 5 Spelling Activities

Good morning Year 4, How are you all today? Below are your activities for this week. Activity 1 This week, we are looking at words that end with the sound /er/ spelt… ‘ar’ and ‘er’. Read the clues below and match them to the correct spelling from...


Week 4 Spelling Activities

Good morning, This week, we are going to look at words that contain the prefix ‘ex‘ which often means ‘out‘.   Activity 1 Look at the pictures and the words for this week on the poster then write a sentence using each word...


Week 3 Spelling Answers

Good morning, You have been looking at the prefix auto which means ‘self’ or ‘own’. Here are the answer for the day 2 and 3 tasks: Matching the word to the definition answers week 3 Did you manage to match the words and definitions within 5...


Week 3 Spelling Activities

Good morning, Below are your spelling activities for the week. How did you get on last week? Day 1 This week, we are going to look at adding the prefix auto- to words. Let’s start by seeing if you can work out what the prefix auto- means. Look at...


Week 2 Spellings Answers

Good morning Year 4. Below are the answers to Week 2 Spellings. Day 1 Matching the word to the definition Here are the quick answers: 1j, 2c, 3b, 4a, 5h,6e,7f,8d,9g,10i or the words and definitions are matched below. 1. Antiseptic: Something that...


Week 2 Spellings

Good morning, below are your spellings and activities for this week.This week, we are looking at spellings with the prefix anti– meaning against. Day 1Can you match the word to the definition? WORDS:1. antiseptic 2. anticlockwise3...

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