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Taking Care of Our Teeth

Taking Care of Your Teeth Hello everyone, before I summarise todays lesson the school nurse would like me to say how much she enjoyed working with you and how well behaved you were. Thank-you. So, what should we have learnt? After our baby/milk...


Types of Teeth

Hello everyone, just some time to do some quick revision on the types of teeth before our visit tomorrow from our school nurse. Let you knowledge shine like your teeth!!! Human Teeth Unlike pythons and pelicans, humans cannot swallow food in one...


Medical Innovators- Edward Jenner

Who was Edward Jenner?  Edward Jenner, born in mid-18th century England,  was a country doctor who  developed a treatment for to protect adults and children from catching a dreadful disease called smallpox. His work would eventually lead to him...


Autumn 2nd Half Topic Web

Hello all, here’s our finished topic web for this term. Me and Mr Bradley are excited about this term topic and think you will enjoy some of the activities we have planned in order to answer some of your brilliant questions. If you would...



Hello everyone, as part of your weekly homework we will be setting you an online reading comprehension challenge consisting of some simple multiple-choice questions and some questions where you will be asked to use evidence from the text to...

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