Reception Triangles

Who Am I? 01/07/20

Morning everyone! I hope you have your thinking hats on this morning… Let’s play ‘Who Am I?’ – People Who Help Us   Yesterday’s ‘Who Am I?’ was… A Lollipop Person! Learn about crossing...


Storytime- How to Catch a Star

Today’s story is called ‘How to Catch a Star’ written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers. Questions to consider: The boy had to wait to see a star. Have you had to wait for something before? How did it feel? What did the boy use...


Who Am I? 30/06/20

Good morning everyone! Time for another game of ‘Who Am I?’ Yesterday’s ‘Who Am I?’ was… A Police Officer! Find out more information about ‘Police Officers’ by looking at the following PowerPoint...


Who Am I? 29/06/20

Good Morning all! This week we are going to be playing ‘Who Am I?’ based on ‘People Who Help Us’ Before we start, can you remember any people who help us? I will post the clues each morning- remember to comment if you...


Storytime- Oi Frog!

Today’s story is called ‘Oi Frog!’ written by Kes Gray and illustrated by Questions to consider: Can you find words that rhyme in the story? What do the cats sit on? What do you sit on at home? What was your favourite part of...


What Am I? 26/06/20

Happy Friday! Are you ready for the final ‘What Am I?’…   Clues: I have feathers I love to swim I say ‘quack’ What Am I? HINT: I am an animal…   Post a comment to have a guess. The answer will be...


What Am I? 25/06/20

Good morning! Time to find out what today’s ‘What Am I?’ clues are… Clues: I can have a zip or button Sometimes I have a hood I am worn to go outside What Am I? HINT: It is an item of clothing…   Have you...

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