Reception Triangles

What Am I? 18/06/20

Morning! Rise and shine everybody. Let’s put our thinking hats on for today’s ‘What Am I?’ Clues: I am a piece of cutlery I am used when you eat ice-cream I am used when you eat soup What Am I? HINT: It is an object you...


What Am I? 17/06/20

Good morning all, Who’s ready to do some guessing? Clues: I am in lots of rooms I have four legs and a flat top I can be used for eating, writing, working on or putting things on top. What am I? HINT: It is a household object…  ...


Storytime- Some Dogs Do

Today’s story is called ‘Some Dogs Do’ written and illustrated by Jez Alborough. Questions to consider: Can you find two words that...


What Am I? 16/06/20

Good morning, Let’s get guessing… Clues: I grow on trees You have to peel me to eat me My name is also a colour What am I? HINT: It is a type of fruit/vegetable…   Have fun guessing everybody! Let us know your thoughts in...


Fantastic Work Alert!

Check out all the fantastic work the Reception children have been doing at home. Thank you to all the adults for your continued support! A special thank you to Sam and Ummamah for sharing your brilliant work with us! Well done Sam! Sam’s...


What Am I? 15/06/20

Hello everybody, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Let’s start the week off with a game of ‘What Am I?’ Clues: I have two legs I have feathers I lay eggs What am I? HINT: It is a farm animal…   Good luck guessing!...


Storytime- The Gruffalo

Today’s story is called ‘The Gruffalo’ written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Questions to consider: What animals did the mouse see along the way? What colour was the Gruffalo’s tongue? Would you be...

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