Year 2 Circles

Welcome to Year 2!

We’ve had a fantastic start in Year 2 this week.  Everyone has looked incredibly smart in their school uniforms and we’ve worked really hard to learn where everything is and what we do in our new classes.  We’ve even managed to...


Feeling Fantastic!

We all had a great time wearing yellow for World Mental Health Day on Thursday. We learned about our emotions as well as how we can use exercise to keep our bodies and our minds healthy. We also made fantastic fans filled with ideas for things...


Year 2 Parent Morning

We are looking forward to seeing lots of parents on Monday morning. We have some reading and maths activities taking place with the children followed by a short information session for parents. It should be a fun morning, see you there!


Super Spellers

Our spellings were quite tricky this week but these children managed to spell all 10 words with the ‘ey’ sound perfectly. Well done to: 2C Amna Eiliyah Fatima Mehmoona 2T Zara Fazian Mahnoor Obaid Howa Nafiun The sound for this week...


Fancy a challenge?

We’ve been revising our number bonds and using them to calculate trickier problems.  See if you can beat our score of 15 correct in a row by playing Hit the Button below.  Just click on the Number Bonds button and have a go.  You could even...


Active Families is back…

Active Families Coffee Morning – Monday 21st October Well done to all of our families who have attended our Active Families Sessions last year! We had a great first year last year and we are very proud of all our families. We are now ready...


Our Learning this Week

We have been very busy being authors this week and writing our own stories in the style of Oliver Jeffers. We have tried to remember lots of the skills we have been practising in class and have produced some excellent writing! We have begun to...


Flying high!

We’ve spent a lot of time investigating materials this term and now we’re going to use what we’ve found out to complete a design challenge.  Our challenge is to design a kite! Our kites have to ; be able to fly be able to be...


Out there in space!!

This week we’ve been investigating different materials and their properties.  We decided to use our knowledge to make some space pictures in art.  Can you see where the waterproof wax stopped the paint from being absorbed by the paper?...

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