Year 2 Circles

Mrs Twit Gets Stretched!

We’ve been finding out about the artist Quentin Blake who illustrates Roald Dahl’s novels. We had a go at drawing our own pictures from the story in the style of Quentin Blake.  Here’s Mrs Twit being stretched. Some people also...


Roly-Poly birds!

We’ve been reading The Twits by Roald Dahl and last week we made Roly-Poly birds.  Can you see what materials we used to make them? The Roly-Poly bird comes from Africa.  We’ve been learning about a Zulu village in South Africa and...



After a long wait, we came in last Monday and found that our caterpillars had turned into butterflies! We were a little bit worried that some of them had bent wings but when we released them in the playground, they flew away into the sky! Look...


Exciting moves!

This morning our caterpillars looked like this;   We were worried about the caterpillar on the ground as he didn’t seem to be moving a lot.  However, by lunchtime this had happened; Now all our caterpillars are hanging from the roof. ...


Look at our caterpillars!

Our caterpillars have been eating away and look at the size of them now!! They’ve even started making sticky webbing – can you guess what it’s for?  Some of the caterpillars are climbing up to the roof now.  What do you think...


Look at our caterpillars now!

Have a look at how big our caterpillars are now!  It’s only the end of week one and already they’ve munched their way through lots of food and grown a lot bigger.  One of them is even on the roof! How big do you think they will be by...


Look at our visitors!

  Here are our little caterpillars who have arrived straight from Mr & Mrs Twit’s garden.  Aren’t they tiny?  We are really looking forward to seeing what happens to them over the next few weeks.  Keep watching our page and...


Our learning this term

Eid Mubarak! As we start our final half term this year, we would like to update you on what will be happening in Year 2. The children have worked incredibly hard recently and have now completed all of their SATs tests. We are very proud of the...


An exciting Tiger opportunity!

Knowsley Safari Park are offering an exciting opportunity for families to participate in their Tiger Parade in order to promote awareness of the endangered Amur Tiger. All you need to do is register for an event pass and cross your fingers!...


Free Swimming!

As part of MCRactive, several of the leisure centres in Manchester offer free swimming for children aged 16 or under during all school holidays.. This is an excellent resource that is often overlooked but can really provide your children with ...

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