Year 2 Triangles

A Christmas Poem

You might remember that we have been looking at similes this week and we used them to write our own Christmas poems today.  Here’s one that Dua-e-Fatima wrote.   The tinsel is as shiny as gold, The snowflake is as cold as ice. Rudolph...



Thank you to the people who spotted we’d forgotten to put up the super  spellers from last Friday! Unfortunately, there weren’t as many as last week but well done to those who made it.  They are: Ibrahim A, Iqra, Inayah-Nur, Noor...


Christmas Similes

Today we were using similes to describe Christmas objects.  A simile makes writing more exciting and helps you to imagine something in your head.  Here are some similes we came up with.  Do they help you to see the object in your head? The tinsel...


How about a challenge?

We’ve been using this game to practice our 2 times tables, number bonds and doubling and halving. 2T managed to answer 10 doubling questions in a minute and they were all correct!  Can...


Fantastic Maths!

We’ve been working very hard making equal groups this week.  We made addition calculations and then turned them into multiplication calculations! Have a go at turning addition into a multiplication calculation yourself at this website...


KS1 Christmas Show!

KS1 are putting on a performance for Christmas and we would love you to come!  Our show will be on Wednesday 6th December at 2.00pm for Year 2 parents and friends and Thursday 7th December at 2.00pm for Year 1 parents and friends. We hope you can...


Road Safety

This week the children will be reminded about the dangers of traffic and learn some rules to use to help keep them safe when crossing the road. Your child will take home a booklet written specifically for parents which gives guidance on relevant...

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