Year 2 Triangles

A Cry for Help!

If your child is wearing shoes or boots with laces to school, please help them to learn how to tie their laces.  Not only is it for safety but it is also a life-skill that they should know – and you’d be surprised how long it takes for one adult...



We were practising our doubles this morning.  How good are you at doubling?  Have a try below – our best score was 8 out of 8.  Can you beat it?


King of the Castles!

We’ve spent the last few weeks planning, designing and making our own castles!  We found out about different features such as battlements and arrow loops and added them to our designs.  Here are some of the finished results.  Don’t...


We’re feeling festive!

Christmas has arrived in Year 2 and we can’t wait to share our Christmas production with you. We will be performing for all Year 1 and 2 parents on Wednesday 12th December at 9:15. Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to read your...

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