Year 3 Circles

Sing Up Day Is Coming!

Sing Up Day is coming soon on the 14th March. Here is a sneak preview of the song ‘Be The Change’ Be The Change There’ll always be a reason why It seems too difficult to even try. The world is changing every day. How can we make sure...


Handwriting made easy !

We are part of the Letter-join handwriting scheme and any of our children wishing to practise their handwriting at home can now log in to the Letter-join website on iPads and tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers. There you will find...


… and is bland!

Following on from our ‘said is dead’ post, one of our Year 3 objectives is to use more interesting conjunctions than just boring, old ‘and’! Can you think of any conjunctions we could use to make our writing more wow? Miss...


Said is dead!

As part of our writing we have been learning how to use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech. To make our speech more interesting we have been challenging ourselves to use different reporting verbs to ‘said’. This means, in our...


Oxford Owls

One of the reading schemes that the children here at St.Agnes are familiar with is ‘The Oxford Reading Tree’. is a useful website with top tips and activity ideas so you can help your child with reading. You’ll be...


Reading photographs

Hello parents/ carers, All of the staff and children at St Agnes are working really hard to improve reading throughout the school. The main way to do this is for more children to read for pleasure; both in school and at home.  Reading is...

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