Year 5 Circles

Daily Challenge- PE and Maths 3

The aim of the challenge is to: (Physical) Complete a 5 stage work out (Mathematical) Calculate the mean, mode, median and range of your workout The rules are: Complete the work out Record your scores on a piece of paper Work out your averages...


Daily Challenge- PE and Maths 2

The aim of the challenge is to: (Physical) Get to Zero (Mathematical) Calculate your score for each activity and subtract from large numbers The rules are: Start at 300 points Complete the physical activity (keeping a count as you complete each...


Great Science Share Week 3

Hello everybody, how’s the Great Science Groove along going? I hope you are better than me! I can definitely say I will not be getting an invite to Britain’s Got Talent! Anyway, take a glance at some of the activities you can complete...


Daily Challenge- PE and Maths

Good morning everyone, Are you up for a mental and physical challenge? If you are, then try out this combine PE and Maths challenge. The aim of the challenge is to: (Physical) Score as many points as you can at the appropriate level...


Cricket … within the boundaries

My friends at Lancashire Cricket Club have put together a range of activities and competitions for you to take part in! Choose one or two to do and email them to the address on the bottom of the page! Good Luck! LCF Schools Newsletter May20

Phone: 0161 2246829
Manchester, M13 0PE
50 Hamilton Road,
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