Year 6 Circles

Homework 01.03.19

Mr Lammas and Mrs Crowhurst’s Maths Group: SATs Targeted Book- pages 61, 62, 78 and 79 Reasoning Book- pages 27-28 Miss Brown’s Maths Group- complete the fractions work you have been given. Reading- Complete the Earth Day...


A Menu for an Arctic Explorer:

This week, Year 6C have been creating a menu for an Arctic explorer. An Arctic explorer needs at least 8000 calories a day but usually for a man, the average amount of calories a day is 2500 calories. The amount of calories a woman needs a day is...


Book Fair Coming Soon !

We are are pleased to announce that the Book Fair will be arriving in school next week and will be open on Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th March at 3.15 pm in the main hall. There will be hundreds of new children’s books to browse and...


Homework 01.02.19

Your homework for the week: Grammar- Identifying the past and present simple, progressive and perfect tense. Reading- ‘Save the Arctic’ text. Read through the text and answer the questions, complete the vocabulary work and write a...



This week in year 6 we have been visited by a member of STEM (Mr Rofi) a Polar ambassador from Manchester University. He came to do some work with us on the Polar regions. We have also written haiku poems this week inspired by the Northern...


Homework Club

Just a reminder that on Monday nights, from 3.15 to 4.15, the Year 6 Homework Club is running in the Library every week. You can complete homework, get help from a teacher and also access Mathletics and other web-based revision tools. It’s...


Aurora Borealis Art

On Monday, 6C drew pictures of the Aurora Borealis using pastel crayons and collage silhouettes. This is an image of the real thing that inspired our work: Here are some drawings that 6C have made of the Aurora Borealis. Do you think we have...


Multiplying Fractions

Hello everyone, here’s some advice, tips and videos regarding multiplying and dividing fractions. These are generally the tricky questions at the end of your SATs arithmetic paper. Use the resources below to earn more points on your tests!...

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