Year 6 Circles

Sky Song- Abi Elphinstone

Hello everyone, as you all know this is our chosen fictional story for this term and I’m sure it’s already got you hooked! What I would like you to do is look at Abi Elphinstone’s website and read her blog page. Read the blog...


Homework 11.01.19

Maths Reasoning Book: Pages 24,25 and 26. SATs Targeted Practice Workbook: Pages 58 and 59. Reading: Pages 14 and 15. Don’t forget you have your Inuit research to complete for our English sessions. This weeks spellings: siege, niece...


Northern lights poem

This week in Miss Browns class we have been writing Haiku poems all about the Northern lights. Mrs Crowhurst’s english group have been writing their very own Tanka poem. A Tanka poem is a poem that was created by Chinese here is one from...


Sky Song- Inuit research

Homework task- Sky Song In order to fully understand something you are writing or reading about, we first must research! Your homework task is to research the Inuit culture. You can present your research in any form you choose. – What is...


Christmas Homework

Collins Books: Maths Targeted- pages 28,29,30 and 31 Maths Reasoning- pages 22-23 Reading- pages 12-13 Grammar Booklet- Standard English and Formal and Informal Language Science- You have already been given the melting/freezing homework. The...


Homework 14.12.18

This week’s homework. SATs Targeted book pages 18-21 Reading book pages 8-11 Grammar booklet: commas, colons and semi-colons. Spelling- Correct Mr Whoops mistakes Science- design a human for what you think we will look like in 1 million...


Human Evolution

Next week, we will be using our scientific brain to predict what humans of the future may look like. We have already discussed what we think the future will look like so how will humans have to evolve and adapt to better suit our environment?...

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