Year 6 Triangles

Sing Up Day

Well done everybody, you were amazing! You were one of  over 500 schools and groups to take part in over 32 countries. I have had so many lovely comments on how brilliant you sounded and how hard everyone worked.                                ...



Maths Reasoning Book Progress Test 1 pages 38 and 39. Pages 46 and 47 SATs Targeted Workbook Progress Test 1 pages 28, 29, 30 and 31. Reading: Finding Information and fiction. Pages 14, 15, 16 and 17 If you get stuck, use your revision guide to...


Sing Up Day on Wednesday!

Sing Up Day is on Wednesday, here is ‘Build it high’. We’ve got a problem, We can work it out. Let’s get together, That’s what it’s all about. Got to build it, build it high. Got to build it, build it high. We’ve got a problem, We can...


Homework: Collins homework books

Your homework this week is as follows. SATs Targeted Practice Workbook: Pages 26, 27, 34 and 35 Maths Reasoning: Pages 24, 25 and 26 Reading: Pages 8, 9 and 10 If you are struggling, use your revision guide or comment on here and I will try and...


Sing Up Day is soon!

Here are some more songs to try.   Can you hear my voice, As it echoes through the nation, Singing loudly, clearly With all of our voices as one? We sing when we’re happy, And we sing when we’re sad. We sing in celebration of the day. We...


Book Fair – coming soon !

Celebrate reading at our Book Fair! After a delay due to the adverse weather, we are pleased to announce that the Book Fair will be arriving in school NEXT WEEK. There will be hundreds of new children’s books to browse and buy and each child will...


Sing Up Day!

Year 2 have asked for this song to go on the website so they can practise it as it is so quick and wordy. Some of you will remember ‘Raise My Voice’. Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh. (x 2) Got something to say, got a difference to make, A...

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