Year 6 Triangles

A Polar Dietitian

Watch the video below and use the resources to plan out the foods required for a Polar explorer. Click the link below for the video energy for life Learn more Visit the British Antarctic Survey website … Read more


Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy eating A balanced diet is made up of five main food groups: Starchy foods to provide energy Fruit and vegetables Protein foods such as meat, fish, eggs and pulses Dairy products to give us calcium Foods containing fat … Read more


The Digestion System

Like the circulation system, the digestive system is vital for our survival. Without the digestive system, our bodies would be starved of vital nutrients and sugars in foods that we need. Quite simply, we would die! The main function then...


Home learning

Good morning Year 6! Just a reminder about Home learning. All the worksheets you need are in a pack, which can be collected from the school office. They are also on this website, under the ‘Home learning’ tab. Your parents &hellip...

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