Year 6 Triangles

Become a DJ for the day!

Have you ever thought what it would it would be like to make your own music? If you would like to become a DJ for the day have a look on the website ‘Incredibox’ (Click the below link) Once you have the...


Maths- Measuring Angles

This lesson is a bit of a tricky one to complete the answers to if you haven’t got access to a protractor but even if you haven’t, it is still useful to watch the video. Click on the link below and watch the video for Week 2 lesson 3...


Miss Weir’s Group

Hello everybody! Maths Today, we’ll look at making equal parts. Click on the link below. Then, click on Week 1, Lesson 1 – Make equal parts, watch the video and complete the activity. You can record your answers into your work books...

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