Year 6 Triangles

Free Swimming!

As part of MCRactive, several of the leisure centres in Manchester offer free swimming for children aged 16 or under during all school holidays.. This is an excellent resource that is often overlooked but can really provide your children with ...


St Agnes’ 10th Anniversary!

On Wednesday, we had our 10th school anniversary! To celebrate this remarkable day we buried a time capsule which inside it included: A St Agnes school jumper, a cheque, Miss Lynton’s shopping receipt, a stamp, a stationary set,a first...


Active Families Coffee Morning

Would you like to get more active with your families? Would you like to be given free equipment to take home to get active? Would you like to gain valuable friendships with families in our school community? Then Active Families is for you! We run...



Hello again everyone, here’s some information and help on ratio that a lot of you have been having difficulty with. Watch the Maths Antic video below for a very simple but good explanation of what ratio is and how to calculate using given...


6T Homework 22/3/19

6T Homework 22/3/19   English: mini gaps test Writing Task-Based on Cogheart Extract Choice of three: Rewrite the chase scene from the Cogheart prologue, from the perspective of the attackers. Make sure you magpie or allude to some of...


Mr Lammas’s English Group

Hello everyone, as promise here are the resources that we will be using to write a poem next week based on the future world.   The main focus of our writing next week will be in making sure every word counts and less is more! You will need to use...

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