Year 6 Triangles

Reading photographs

Hello parents/ carers, All of the staff and children at St Agnes are working really hard to improve reading throughout the school. The main way to do this is for more children to read for pleasure; both in school and at home.  Reading is...



L.O. Can I explain why rationing was introduced? WILF:  You can provide at least one reason for rationing and provide at least 2 further facts.                  Before Second World War 2 began, Britain imported over 50 million tons of food from...


Road Safety

This week the children will be reminded about the dangers of traffic and learn some rules to use to help keep them safe when crossing the road. Your child will take home a booklet written specifically for parents which gives guidance on relevant...


Remembrance weekend

As part of our poetry unit, we looked at the famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’. We analysed the poem and discussed what pictures the poems painted in our minds. We enjoyed this so much that we decided to write our own war poems. Here are but a...


The Blitz

What was an air-raid? Why were there air-raids? Air Raid attacks on Britain in WW2: The German airforce – the ‘Luftwaffe’ – attacked targets on British ground by dropping bombs on them.  These attacks by Nazi Germany on Britain are...



Why were children evacuated? 15th March 1933 – Adolf Hitler and the Nazis take power in Germany and ruled by terror. 31st March 1939 – Britain promises Poland that they would help them if Germany invades. 1 September 1939 – Germany...

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