Year 6 Triangles

Homework Friday 26/4/19

Hello everyone, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but here’s a quick reminder of this weeks homework: SATs math worksheet- Coordinates “The Run” reading comprehension task on  (class code Z76MFQ Mathletics Weekly...


Back to School

Easter holiday was great fun but now the serious work has begun. In Year 6, we have 8 school days starting from April 25th to May 13th before we sit our SATs tests . In maths we have been learning about angles, scales and shapes . In English we...


Problem of the Day 10

With question 1 you need to think about what you know about the radius of a circle and using that what the length of one of the missing sides is. Then apply your knowledge of the formula for finding the area of triangles. With question 2 I would...


Problem of the Day 9

For question 1 I would convert the mass of the potatoes from Kg to g. For question 2- the lines on the sides of the shapes show that they are equal (each side of the triangle is the same, each side of the square is the same length). To find the...


Problem of the Day 8

I think these questions are a bit tricky. The first two a both ratio questions. Think carefully about the strategies you have been taught in class for solving ratio problems. For question 3, they have drawn the triangles on a squared grid but I...


Problem of the Day 7

I think question 1 is probably the trickiest out of today’s questions but if you draw out the problem and write down the measurements on each part of the new shape, you will be able to work it out. I would also recommend using the bar model...


Problem of the Day 6

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Here is today’s Problem of the Day. If you think carefully about what the question is asking you to do, then you should be able to answer them. Edit>>>>>>> Well done to those who attempted these...


Problem of the Day 5

Question 1 is quite tricky but if you use what you know about area, you will be able to work t out. Maybe try drawing it out and use the trial and error method. For question 2 I would use the bar model. They both have £60 left so on your bar...


Problem of the Day 4

Take care with question 2. I would recommend you use the bar model to help with this one. Again, I will post the videos to the problems later on this evening. Edit>>>>>>>> Use the videos to see where some of you went wrong.

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