Year 6 Triangles

An exciting Tiger opportunity!

Knowsley Safari Park are offering an exciting opportunity for families to participate in their Tiger Parade in order to promote awareness of the endangered Amur Tiger. All you need to do is register for an event pass and cross your fingers!...


Maths problems

Below are some more of the Maths problems which were posted during the Easter Holidays. Have a go at answering them and post your answers in the comment section. So I know which question you are answering, can you put the title or a summary of...


Transum Website link

This is a great website with lots of activities to help you with your revision of areas of maths such as shape, angles, measurements, Roman Numerals, reflection/translation/rotation etc. There are different levels within each activity so you can...


Reading Challenges 29/4/19

From a Hospital Bed Even if I’m dizzy with an aching head, I must not disturb the others in the beds In this hospital ward where not much is said For fear of making a fuss. It’s not much fun with nothing to do Can’t even get up to go to the Loo...


Homework Friday 26/4/19

Hello everyone, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but here’s a quick reminder of this weeks homework: SATs math worksheet- Coordinates “The Run” reading comprehension task on  (class code Z76MFQ Mathletics Weekly...

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