Day for Change – a thank you

Below is an email thanking us for our efforts in raising funds and helping children who need it the most.

Dear St. Agnes C of E Primary School,

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a great summer break.

At the start of the new academic year we wanted to share some amazing news – and a special thank you from Unicef Ambassador Ewan McGregor.

(due to technical issues the video link isn’t opening – but please visit where you should be able to view it)

Schools across the UK raised an incredible £225,000 for Day for Change 2016, helping to protect the 8 million Syrian children in urgent need of life-saving aid. To make your fundraising go even further, this total will be doubled by the UK government to an astonishing £450,000.

Your school’s hard work and creativity has helped us, in Syria alone, to: 

provide educational supplies to more than 127,000 children in besieged and hard-to-reach areas 
vaccinate almost four million children against polio

provide over 13 million people with water and sanitation facilities

By taking part in Day for Change 2016, your students helped make a huge difference to thousands of children’s lives. We are truly grateful for your support.

Thank you again for helping us to keep Syrian children safe.

Merlyn Ooms

Public Fundraising Officer
Unicef UK
Your support will make a difference to their lives so a big thank you, parents and carers and our pupils, in helping achieve this.
The RRSA team.

Just to let you know we have had the final count, thanks to our accountants in Year 4 and Year 5. The money has been banked and the cheque ready to be sent off to UNICEF to support children in emergency situations around the world.


The total amount raised was



We beat our target, as set by one of our pupils –  Yusuf from Year 6, and as agreed the children had a party to celebrate the success.

We just want to say a huge thank you for your support with this. The children have been absolutely amazing about the whole event, the fact that they are thinking about our global responsibilities and how we can help others is what this is all about.


The Big Bottle became full very quickly on the day and we had to bring in another bottle!

The Big Bottle became full, very quickly, on the day and we had to bring in another bottle!

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