New Student Council

New Student Council

This week we have new student councillors.

Musa and Nabil representing 6T

Musfira and Bushra representing 6C

Akiah and Inaayah representing 5T

Mahadiya and Sabrina representing 5C

Aranos and Shua representing 4C

Minahil and Murtaza representing 4T

Fatima and Umair representing 3C

Saima and Arham representing 3T

This week we have been thinking about what a smart School Council does. A smart school councillor uses everything they can to involve everyone and get things done.

We discussed what we think we are already good at as well as what we would like to work on.

We also shared what we are most excited about for the year.


  • Musfira Sharif Posted 15th October 2019 10:06 pm

    I’m looking forward to working with the new pupils, during the year. Thankfully, we have loads of Student Councillors and Peace Mala’s now, which means there will be lots of children to make the word/school a better place. Although, everyone in the school and world can do that job!

    • Miss Brown Posted 17th October 2019 7:49 am

      I absolutely loved reading this comment Musfira and you are completely right. Everyone can make a difference but hopefully to Student Council can lead the way with it this year.

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