Welcome to our School Council!

Welcome to our School Council!

St Agnes’ School Council is made up of 12 elected pupils.  During the Autumn term, elections were held in each class, from Year 1 to Year 6, and children voted for their chosen candidate. As a result, one child from each class, now represents their class on the School Council.

When electing the School Councillors, the children were encouraged to to think about what the Councillor would do. The children were encouraged to vote for Councillors who had the following qualities:

  1. Ears: To be good listeners.
  2. Legs: To do the leg work
  3. Feet: To be seen around school
  4. Shoulders: To be broad shouldered
  5. Heart: To care about people
  6. Hands: To write down ideas
  7. Brain: To think carefully
  8. Eyes: To see new problems

The School Councillors are responsible for leading Class Council time and attending Student Council meetings. These meeting take place on a three weekly basis.

During School Council meetings, they pass on the views of other children in their class. They have received training in how to lead Class Council meetings.

During the Class Council meetings, the Councillors relay information from School Council meetings and listen to the views of their class mates.

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