Future event: Sunday 26th March 2017 Street Clean and Alley Decorating Day

To All  Parents and Carers of Children at St Agnes C of E Primary School,

After finding much inspiration and speaking with resident’s groups nearby, we feel we can make our neighbourhood cleaner and nicer.

We will need the community’s help to achieve this. Where better to start that the wonderful families and children of St Agnes! Our children really do believe they can make a difference. So let’s get out on the streets and make our community a better place for them and our future generations.

How to get involved…

1)  Friday 1oth March – Mr Uddin/ Ms Lynton requested carrier bags from children. Each child has been asked to bring in one clean plastic carrier bag; this will be reused in one of our craft events to decorate the streets of Longsight. Make sure your child brings in a plastic bag to show your support for the project!
2) Friday 17th March – Cath Collinson (Parent Ambassador Lead and School Governor) will be collecting the carrier bags from St Agnes C of E Primary School ready for the free community event at Longsight Housing Coop
3) Community Event
Saturday 18th March – Residents community bunting craft morning @ 11am at
New Longsight Housing Coop
Unit 7
Hamilton Road
 M13 0PD
All families and children are welcome to attend this craft morning as our group prepare for the main event on SUNDAY 26TH MARCH!
4) Monday 20th March 9am – Cath Collinson  will lead a whole school assembly to promote the ‘Alleyway and Street Clean Up Day’ and school bunting activity by Cath Collinson and  and request for children to bring in plastic bags and plastic bottles for the children to make bunting with at school.
Displaying wind spirals 2.jpg Displaying bunting.jpg   Displaying Wind spirals.JPG
5)Week beginning 20th March – Mr Uddin / Ms Lynton to instigate bunting craft in school classes. Each year group will have a craft to complete to improve the streets of Longsight!
6)Friday 24th March – Cath Collinson and Fazana From New Longsight Housing Coop will attend morning craft activity at 9am with selection of children (Peace Mala Ambassadors, School Council and Sports Council) to take part in planting activities using recyable materials and finish bunting.
Displaying plastic bottle planters.jpg
7)Sunday 26th March 11am – 1pm – Clean Up Day !
All residents and families of St Agnes C of E are invited to attend
Alleyway and street clean up day and decorating the alleys with bunting and decorations made.

The plan is to start on the Hamilton Road alleyway between Slade Grove and Clitheroe Road, behind the APPNA Stores. We want the alleyway to look nice, feel safe to walk through, and allow the children to have a safe place to play. We want all neighbours to get involved and share their thoughts and ideas. By doing so, we feel we can stop fly tipping and rubbish dumping in our streets and make the area a better place to live and our children to grow up in.

If you would like to join us just turn up on the day at the alleyway.

Many thanks for your support over the next two weeks,

Cath Collison

St Agnes C of E School Governor, Parent Ambassador and Great British Clean Up Longsight team


Any child from St Agnes C of E, who attends and supports the events will receive a ‘I LOVE LONGSIGHT BADGE’ for their hard work. When they return to school on the following Monday, we are asking these children to wear their badge to school to show that they have taken part.  They will  then receive special recognition in our assembly for making a difference to our surrounding community, by being presented with a certificate and a house point.

If you have any questions regarding the clean up work please see Ms Lynton or Mr Uddin

Phone: 0161 2246829
Manchester, M13 0PE
50 Hamilton Road,
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