House Points

St Agnes House Points
House names: Birch Oak Sycamore Ash
House points are used to:
• encourage and support good playtime & lunchtime behaviour
• Promote a sense of “whole school” group identity
• Promote and encourage achievement through sporting / PE activities / PE competition – recognising the Olympic values (5 points for gold awards)
• Promote a positive attitude towards lunchtime staff / organisers
• Reinforce third party praise
• Promote positive attendance

Point Awards
• Points are awarded by class teachers or lunchtime organisers. (Younger pupils may be awarded “physical points” consistent with classroom organisation)

• Points are also awarded points for being the “group of the week” during achievement assembly
Points are recorded beside a pupil’s name on a class House point sheet and are collated each week to be shared during Friday lunchtime via Lunchbox TV and via the school website.

• Pupils from the winning “Houses” each term will be awarded a certificate of achievement
• House group leaders / representatives (children) to receive a trophy during achievement assembly at the end of each half term.The trophy will be “dressed” with an icon of the winning house group and displayed outside the Headteachers office.
• At the end of each half term a cumulative graph on display will show how many points have been accumulated by each house (a cumulative score) as progress is made towards the end of the academic year to find which house is the overall winner!

Reward / celebration for the winning house???????????

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