Traffic and Safety Coffee Morning

A HUGE thank you to all of the parents who attended the ‘Traffic Safety Coffee Morning’ today. We had some fantastic responses in our feedback sheets and we will be sharing them with Manchester City Council to make them aware of the concerns of our families! It is important that all members of the surrounding community have a voice in this matter, so please share your views with your wider family and friends too.

Also, a huge thank you to the Student Council and Peace Mala children who attended and supported the event. They were able to verbalise their concerns so eloquently. They confidently spoke with the families who attended too. It was lovely to see them being so proactive about roads that surround the school.

You can review the proposed road improvement plans by clicking on the link below:


Here are some of the comments made by the families who attended this morning:


“I feel the plans are not enough for the safety of our children. We some effective in place for the traffic flow. Drivers get very aggressive and it becomes a competition to see can pass first, instead of allowing the children. I feel a Lollypop Person would be ideal.”


“I don’t agree with the council safety proposal.More need to be done as children’s safety is at risk. Bollards and double yellow lines will not make a huge difference as it wont be taken seriously.”

“Temporary block the road for the school to settle the school children ad close roads for a period for school, it could be 30 mins or one hour.”

“I don’t think installing footway bollards around the junction will stop the traffic around school. Better to have a Lollypop Man.”

“Lollypop Man or Woman is needed”.

” I think this plan is not going to make any difference, so I disagree with this. I suggest providing a Lollypop person and put some awareness boards besides the roads that surround the school.”


” The Slade Grove issue is completely overlooked. Deliveries to the Cash and Carry causes mayhem at home-time. We need a Lollypop person to help our children cross the road!”

“I don’t feel these proposals address the problem of poor parking and will make the road safer. Inconsiderate drivers will continue to endanger lives as the problem is grid lock om Hamilton Road and no safe way to cross.”

” I am shocked to hear the children don’t feel safe coming into school, that is not a nice way to start the morning with this feeling. It not enough action being taken and the children’s safety is at stake. Two children who attend the school have already been hit by cars, the students have witnessed this themselves!”

“It was completely unfair to remove the Lollypop Man. These children need him as much as other children at other schools.”


All points raised were very valid. Please ensure you put your voice forward and ensure your opinion of the proposed plans are listened to.


Some images from today’s Coffee Morning are below:

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