First Trip Outside

First Trip Outside

Hello everyone.

After lots of recent exploring inside the school this week I thought I would take a trip outside. With everyone running around and playing the playground always looks and sounds amazing from my cage. Therefore, I thought it was about time I had a proper look around. Well as you can see from my photo (I recently bought a camera) the playground looks VERY big from down on the ground. It takes far longer than you might think to get to the other side when you only have tiny legs like mine!

I popped out just before dark so I could have a proper look. It was a bit cloudy but I really enjoyed looking up at the sky and having a big run around. After doing a few laps (6 in total) I was feeling quite tired so I had a rest and a glass of water on the grass for a while before going back inside.

It made a lovely change to be outside this time. I think I will pick a sunnier evening next time though, I have some sunglasses hidden in the cage that I have been waiting to try out.

Bye for now.

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