The Library…

The Library…

Well, after last week’s trip down the stairs (and then back up!) I thought I would take things a bit easier this time and explore my surroundings a bit closer to home. So last night, after everyone had left I unhooked my little door and stepped out of my cage.

I decided to explore the library as it is so close to my cage and what a big room it is (remember, with being so small everything looks MUCH bigger to me)!  I have no idea what most things in there are but I recognised the computers as they are just like the one that I use to write this blog, although much bigger of course.

Then I saw something really exciting – lots and lots of musical instruments! I have never played a musical instrument before but I have heard some wonderful sounds coming from that room during the day. I had a great time banging the drums, shaking the tambourines and running up and down inside what I think was a didgeridoo. I have no idea how to play that one!

After I got everything back where I found it I headed back to my cage for the rest of the night. I’m not sure my music sounded as good as yours but it made me smile and that is the most important thing. I think next time I might travel into a classroom though…

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