Nursery Daily Learning 21/05/20

Good Morning!

Let’s start the day with a song! Can you remember what season we are in?



Today I would like you to look at the pictures and decide what sound the word starts with:

Can you find some objects in your house and repeat the activity?



Today we are going to be adding!

You will need: Counters (two colours)

(If you don’t have counters you can easily make your own by cutting out little paper circles and colouring them in two different colours)

Can you use your counters to work out the answers to the following additions:

  1. 1 counter + 2 counters =  …….. counters?
  2. 3 counters + 1 counter =  …….. counters?
  3. 5 counters + 5 counters =  …….counters?
  4.  4 counters + 2 counters = …….counters?
  5. 7 counters + 3 counters = ……..counters?




Can you sing your favourite nursery rhyme?

  • First time sing it really quietly
  • Second time sing it really LOUD
  • Third time sing it really s l o w l y
  • Fourth time sing it really fastttttt

Can you think of some actions to go along with the song?


Literacy/ Religious Education:


This is the final week before half term. During half term many of you will be celebrating the festival of Eid with your families. To celebrate we would like you to design a poster for the celebration. Send a picture of your poster to by Friday and we will announce the winner on the school website. Good Luck everyone- and have fun!

What your poster should include:

  • Lots of colour!
  • Pictures and symbols relating the the festival of Eid
  • Facts about Eid
  • Your name

Do you recognise any of the following photographs from Eid celebrations?


Communication and Language:

Get talking – What would you rather?

Have fun! If you have any questions about today’s learning activities please post a comment and let me know!

The Nursery Team




  • Zainab Ali Posted 21st May 2020 2:39 pm

    Is it the Friday after half term for the eid festival competition

    • Miss Lord Posted 21st May 2020 5:26 pm

      Hello Zainab,
      the deadline for the poster competition is tomorrow morning. We are going to reveal the winner at 12pm tomorrow! Good luck.

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