Nursery Daily Learning 22/05/20

Good morning all!

Today is our last day before half term.

The nursery team would like to wish all of the children and their families a wonderful Eid-Mubarak – we hope it is filled with happiness and joy.

REMINDER: Today is the deadline for the Eid Poster competition. We will be posting the winner’s poster on the website today at 12pm… Good Luck!


Let’s start the day with a dance:



Today for phonics I would like you to write your name and identify the different sounds in your name.

Can you think of a word that begins with each different sound?


M – Monkey

I  – Igloo

S – Strawberry

S – Snake


L – Leg

O – Orange

R – Red

D – Dog



Today we are going to be subtracting!

You will need: Counters (two colours)

(If you don’t have counters you can easily make your own by cutting out little paper circles and colouring them in two different colours)

Can you use your counters to work out the answers to the following subtractions:

  1. 3 counter – 3 counters =  …….. counters?
  2. 2 counters – 1 counter =  …….. counters?
  3. 5 counters – 2 counters =  …….counters?
  4.  7 counters – 1 counters = …….counters?
  5. 10 counters – 5 counters = ……..counters?



I hope you have enjoyed learning about ‘Traditional Tales’ this term!

Which was your favourite tale? Why?

Can you answer the quiz questions off the knowledge organiser?


See what you can remember by completing this PowerPoint quiz- Traditional Tales and Nursery Rhyme PowerPoint quiz


Communication and Language:

Get talking!


Have a lovely half term holiday everybody!


  • Maariya Posted 22nd May 2020 6:41 pm

    The dance-a-long song was fun!!
    We had a go at the phonics task and enjoyed coming up with different animals and objects for Maariya’ full name.
    First time we tried subtracting too – it was not so bad. Very funny that she was upset about ‘loosing’ her counters- she was reassured they are still hers and not going away!

    • Miss Lord Posted 25th May 2020 8:55 pm

      Well done Maariya! It sounds like you have been doing some fantastic home learning.
      Subtraction is very tricky and will be covered in more detail when you go into reception- well done for having a go as I know it is not easy!
      I’m glad that you have kept your counters safe- they come in handy for lots of different activities!

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