Planting seeds

As it was another lovely day yesterday, I thought I would sew some seeds and I can keep you posted as they start to grow. If you have some seeds and soil you can plant them too, don’t forget to wear gloves when you touch the soil.

The kit I used comes with a biodegradable pot (which you can plant), compressed soil (which expands when you add water and seeds in a square of paper.

When I added water to the soil, I filmed it so you can watch it grow. Once the soil had soaked up the water it was ready to be put in a pot with the seeds.

I filled the pot with most of the soil and then placed the seeds on top then covered the seeds with the last of the soil.


I have three sets of seed, two are flowers, forget me not and violas, the last set of seeds are a herb called basil.

If you plant some seeds don’t forget to get your grown up to leave a comment and tell us what you are growing.

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