Update on the caterpillars

As it’s a beautiful day I have been out in the garden and as it’s been about a week since the caterpillars changed into chrysalids I thought I would move the to the butterfly garden.

The butterfly garden is a safe space for the butterflies to emerge and prepare to fly.

The chrysalids are attached to the lid so you can place it in the garden and I moved the one that had dropped as well, it was wriggling.

They are now safe in their new home enjoying some sunshine. Miss Hewat’s cat Buddy wanted to check they were happy. I won’t leave them outside because it’s a bit windy but make sure you get out and enjoy the sunshine, you can go for a walk or play in the garden.

They should emerge in about a week and hopefully we will record them. You could draw what you think they will look like.

The Nursery Team and Buddy the Cat

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