Parent Ambassadors

Parent Ambassadors Building Links Between Home and School!


At St Agnes, we have a group of parents who we collectively meet with every half term. These Parents are the voice for our families, and we have every confidence that these parents will improve our home school links.

Parent Ambassador Linked Staff are:

Mr Uddin

Ms Lynton

Mrs Bukhari

Parent Ambassadors are:

Mrs Cath Collinson (Lead)  (Child in RC, Year 2T and Year 5T)

Mrs Bibi (Child in Year 3T )

Mrs Bibi (Child in Year 5T)

Mrs Chowdhury (Child in Year 3C)

Mrs Akhtar

 Mrs Ateeq (Child in Year 3T and Year 5T)

Mr Abbas (Child in Year 3T)

Mr Hashmi (Child in Year N, Year RC, Year 4T and Year 6C)

These parents will be supporting us on curricululm improvements, our playground projects and improving our communication between home and school. If you have any concerns or suggestions for these areas of learning at our school, please speak with the parent ambassadors. We would love to hear your ideas as well as how you can help!

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