Advice from a parent about resolutions and good habits!

New years resolutions for most are usually about about our diet, our health, our habits & goals, but no matter what our goals are we often drop them because we take on more than we can handle by making our expectations far too big.

But, habits can also be made by tiny, tiny little changes like an atom. An atom is the smallest thing we can measure but when we split it, it creates energy. That tiny atom can make significant changes .Our habits are the same! the little changes that we make, the little changes that we implement in our life’s can make a huge difference. It can be waking up 10 minutes early. You would say 10 minutes is nothing but what can you do in that 10 minutes? and what will those 10 minutes add upto over the weeks?, then months and so on..
10 minutes isn’t much but over time its a long time that you can focus on doing something new, like reading a book, trying a quiz and so on. No matter what your habits are, No matter what your new year resolutions are, remember small changes make huge differences.

Now let’s take the kids education for an example: kids, you aren’t expected over the next few weeks to master Maths , science or English. You dont have to dive deep and be stuck at revising and working all the time. You can make giant changes in your learning by taking tiny chunks out of each subject and those tiny chunks of work will add up. Instead of getting frustrated and overwhelmed at the situation by trying to do more than you can cope with, just do a little bit at a time but consistently and these little bits will add up to a lot. Those small little atoms will add up and make a profound difference in your education & life.

Remember to relax and take things slowly. Cant wait to see you all back in school soon. 🙂

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