Flu Nasal Vaccine Offer from Alisa Craig



On Friday 24th January, there will be a special clinic for parents to obtain the nasal flu vaccine for their child at the Alisa Craig Medical Centre. This is likely to be the last opportunity for the flu vaccination to be taken for this season. The Medical Centre realises that most parents will have already submitted consent forms and received the vaccine via the sessions at school. However, over the last few weeks there have been a number of enquiries from parents who have changed their mind or forgotten to complete a consent form in time and missed the opportunity for their child to have the vaccine. So the a special clinic has been arranged to support this need.

The details for the clinic are as follows –

Date and Time: Friday 24th January, 3.30- 5.30pm

Venue: Alisa Craig Medical Centre, 270 Dickenson Road, M13 0YL.

If you have any questions please contact the clinic on 0333 358 3397 to book an appointment. This is important as the clinic will need to ensure they have enough vaccines with them.


Phone: 0161 2246829
Manchester, M13 0PE
50 Hamilton Road,
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