How healthy are your child’s eyes? Try the Boots Vision Test!

Since Boots launched their Vision Screening programme in 2015, they have been working hard to help schools and teachers identify children who have undiagnosed eye conditions in the UK. To support their work, Boots have set up an online system until the end of November 2017 for parents/carers to check their children’s vision in the comfort of their own home.

There is powerful evidence of the value of having early screening checks on children, and many conditions that are detected in young children can be corrected. Boots will continue to lead for the critical importance of proactive eye health for children and offer a basic visual acuity check for children via their Zookeeper Zoe e-book (click on the link to access this)in which parents/carers can work through the screening check.

This vision screening check includes the following checks:

–          Astigmatism check (shape of the eye and focus ability)
–          Colour vision check (how well different colours are distinguished)
–          Duo chrome check (ability to focus correctly)
–          Visual acuity check (accuracy and sharpness of vision)

Boots would always encourage any parents, carers or teachers who are concerned about a child’s eye health to visit their local optometrist who will be able to a full eye check, no matter the child’s age. Please see staff if you do have concerns about your child’s vision, we can support your child better at school if we have this information.

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